Homepage can be considered the virtual front door to your shop and business. Usually, homepage is the one that attract the most traffics/visits. It has the most prominent layout and is also the starting point of every website mock up and branding. Your homepage is responsible to make or break that first impression.

Therefore, to design and structure the content of your homepage it is important know the goal or the purpose of it. Many websites has a high bounce rate, people coming in and going out of the website without further exploring other pages due to poorly structured homepage.

So what are the purpose and essential ingredient in designing an effective homepage?

Grab Attention

Grab attention using creative phrase

Text-based content alone can be dull, boring, and potentially overwhelming. At the same time, audio can be obtrusive, especially if your customers are in the corporate world. Instead, visual elements are an excellent way to create interest in your company with a level of creativity.

Some elements which can be used:

  • Slideshows showcasing work/services or important news about the company
  • Short video animations that introduce your company or unique service offering
  • Graphical call-outs featuring sales or company news

Give Information

Give information, unique selling point, credibility and strength

After you have successfully captured the visitor’s attention, the home page should inform in a quick and concise manner what your company offers. This should typically be done in 2-3 short paragraphs. In some cases, the visual attention element can begin this process by briefly introducing keywords describing the service offering.

It can be beneficial to establish your credibility by briefly mentioning accolades, client testimonials, years of experience, or media coverage. Note that you do not want to mention every single element, but rather put your strongest foot forward and save the rest for the other pages of the website.

Show Direction

show clear direction and create action

The final element is to provide guidance on where the user should visit next. The site must have a clear, easy and understandable navigation (website menu) to use. However, when a first time visitor comes to your website, it is important to highlight particular elements for them to check out. Consider highlighting the company’s complete service offering, online store, portfolio, latest blog posts, or customer reviews. Directing the user is a critical element to ultimately convert the visitor into a customer.

Though one can configure their home page with many different types of content and features, we believe 3 main purposes should be the core of every successful home page. Do you have any others that you think we are missing? Need free quote for your next project?