open ai devcon - Sabah Web Design
open ai devcon - Sabah Web Design

The first OpenAI Developers Conference, DevDay, was held on the 07th November, 2 AM Malaysia time.

As speculated, OpenAI released many impressive new features. Here are the top 5 that I find it most relevant to you.

1. App Store for GPT

OpenAI launched GPTs, which allow us to develop our own GPT app with little programming knowledge.

For instance, you can create a MathsGPT to replace a math teacher or a MythologyGPT to replace a Greek historian.

Like what the CEO (Sam Altman) did, he created a GPT of a Startup Founder mentor using his previous content.

It’s like the App Store for GPT. Every one can build their own unique ChatGPT, for different industry.

This feature is enough to KO most of the ChatGPT-like applications in the market.

2. More up-to-date Knowledge

The database is now updated to April 2023; Compared to the previous version, September 2021.

It also allows users to upload documents to provide more context.

3. Cheaper

The overall API development cost has been reduced by at least 2–3 times.

For example, the price for GPT-3.5 Turbo is $0.002 USD per 1,000 tokens.

This means that generating a 1,000-word article will roughly cost you less than MYR 1 cent.

The price starts at $0.04 USD per image.

4. Faster Speed, More Consistent Output

OpenAI now offers a Turbo version for GPT-4. This will significantly increase the response speed.

It also allows us to set a seed (an arbitrary number), which we can expect to see the same results when using the same seed.

This makes the output more predictable.

5. Smarter

ChatGPT has evolved from merely a chat interface to be able to recognize images, generate drawings, accept voice inputs, and produce realistic human voices.

This is truly AI in the sense of seeing, listening, reading, and writing.

The new version has stronger voice recognition capability. It can even recognize Bahasa Malaysia.


Instead of writing code, you can now just drag-and-drop different building blocks to create your own AI apps.

This is just the beginning of the second half of the AI game.

Don’t forget that all these advancements happened within a year.

Credit: Dr. Cher Han Lau