Economic Potentials and Investment Opportunities in Borneo

"THE BORNEO INVESTMENT STRATEGIC OUTLOOK FORUM 2016" was held in Kota Kinabalu Sabah from 10th - 11th June in Sutera Harbour Resort. It has attracted more than 1000 participants from public and private sectors. In a nutshell, it provide insight to investors, professionals and business-owners in Borneo, especially Kota Kinabalu on how to ace in current market [...]

3 Important Question to Ask Before Hiring Any Web Design Company

1. What Are Some of Their Recent Web Design Projects? This will immediately tell you of their ability and skillset. Most of the time, The Web Design Company or freelancer will showcase their portfolio in their website. They should be able to highlight their core competencies and important requirements for any modern website ie. Mobile [...]

Entrepreneurship Training in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The Young Bumiputra Entrepreneur Development Program aims to help young bumiputras who aspires to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with management, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. During this program. they will be coach on how to overcome barriers & build on strengths; benchmark their business model against real life role models and assimilate the setting [...]

3 Key Elements for Eye-Pleasing Website

I am sure that every website owner wants to have the most beautiful website. It is important because it will display your professionalism and commitment in your business. Website is your business first impression and nobody will fully trust a business with poorly designed website. Before I move on to present 3 key factors in [...]

3 Marketing Strategy for Your Online Store

Firstly, think of a website as a resort island. It will never be found by people or become popular unless there is someone talking about it, there is a flyer made to promote it and there is a transportation to actually go there. In a similiar manner, your online store needs promotion, advertisement and links from other [...]

Your Website Redesign Checklist

It’s New Year again and perhaps it’s time to consider redesigning your website so it can continue working hard for you this year. Giving your website a fresh look shows that you care for your visitors and your business. There is nothing that can turn down the visitors to your website than a shabby looking [...]

10 Tips on Effective Email Communication

Email communication started in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to himself. While this technology is already 43 years old, billions of emails are sent every day. Sometimes we daily read and send more e-mails than meet real people. Nevertheless, in email communication we commit the same mistakes, which we should avoid for [...]