3 Goals When Designing an Effective Homepage

Homepage can be considered the virtual front door to your shop and business. Usually, homepage is the one that attract the most traffics/visits. It has the most prominent layout and is also the starting point of every website mock up and branding. Your homepage is responsible to make or break that first impression. Therefore, to [...]

7 Website Design Trend In 2018

New year is here and once again we come at this interesting question - what will be the shape or trend in website design & development for this year. We gathered few articles together and also based on our observation of where the industry is heading, there are at least 7 things that surely to [...]

3 Key Elements for Eye-Pleasing Website

I am sure that every website owner wants to have the most beautiful website. It is important because it will display your professionalism and commitment in your business. Website is your business first impression and nobody will fully trust a business with poorly designed website. Before I move on to present 3 key factors in [...]

5 Ways To Promote Your Online Store

It's finally done: you have a professional, responsive shop design and your product photographs and descriptions are looking fantastic. Your ecommerce store is now perfect, but... where are your customers? No matter how incredible your store is, without customers you won’t be able to turn your store into a profitable business. In this blog post, [...]