3 Marketing Strategy for Your Online Store

Firstly, think of a website as a resort island. It will never be found by people or become popular unless there is someone talking about it, there is a flyer made to promote it and there is a transportation to actually go there. In a similiar manner, your online store needs promotion, advertisement and links from other [...]

How Consumers Search & Buy Online

1. Social Is Not A Purchase Research Channel The finding that social is amongst the least leveraged channels in the purchase research process lines up with Conductor’s research that shows consumers turn to social only 15% of the time when they are researching a purchase compared to 97% of the time for search. Conductor’s research [...]

5 Ways To Promote Your Online Store

It's finally done: you have a professional, responsive shop design and your product photographs and descriptions are looking fantastic. Your ecommerce store is now perfect, but... where are your customers? No matter how incredible your store is, without customers you won’t be able to turn your store into a profitable business. In this blog post, [...]