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How To Secure Your Website and Improve Your Search Ranking

Having a secure connection to your website is important especially if your are running an eCommerce website where you want to prevent your customers’ sensitive data such as Credit Card numbers and passwords from being intercepted by a Third Party. You can know that you are running on secure connection if your website address starts [...]

Internet Marketing Reading List #1

SEO in Internet Marketing At Swift Media Solution, we continue to explore ways to optimised every websites that we built so not only they are beautiful and functional but most importantly, Search Engine Friendly. Thus, it requires a lot of reading and research on our part. Furthermore, we also would like to share our reading [...]

Google Goes After Intrusive Mobile Popups

Have you ever visited a website using your mobile phone only to be greeted with a popup that is hard to be removed and block the content of the website? There are increasing number of website that is using popup you grab visitors attention but in a mobile view where is limited screen size, this [...]

3 Marketing Strategy for Your Online Store

Firstly, think of a website as a resort island. It will never be found by people or become popular unless there is someone talking about it, there is a flyer made to promote it and there is a transportation to actually go there. In a similiar manner, your online store needs promotion, advertisement and links from other [...]

Your Website Redesign Checklist

It’s New Year again and perhaps it’s time to consider redesigning your website so it can continue working hard for you this year. Giving your website a fresh look shows that you care for your visitors and your business. There is nothing that can turn down the visitors to your website than a shabby looking [...]