If you own a car, you will have realise that proper service like oil change, air filter replacement, tyre check etc. must be done on-time and consistently to ensure your car is always on tip top condition and more importantly is to ensure your safety. Before I further sidetrack, we want to quickly emphasis that the same goes to your website.

Your concern should be on the performance of your website. Though it is built to design perfection it does not guarantee success. Typically, after a few months or 1 year launching the shiny website, it is started to be neglected. There a lot of website that suffered “built it and forget it” syndrome out there.

Are you getting enough leads and inquiries from your website? If your answer is no, we probably can point out to one major reason for that poor performance – You didn’t maintain your website enough.

Please show your website some love – Maintain It.

Website maintenance is one of the most most overlooked yet the most important component in running a successful website. While the initial web design & development is critical for a good foundation, it is the ongoing maintenance that will really make your website shine and start to maximise your return of investment.

Here are 4 good reason why website maintenance is important:

1. It Gives A Right Impressions For Your Business

Imagine going to a networking events and you hand out your business card to many people. There is a big chance that those who are interested in your business might want to know more about you and visit the website address written on your name card. What happen if they saw the “Latest News” is 2 years old? Or your “Special Offer” expires 6 months ago? Meanwhile, if your website content is up to date it will give the impression that you are on top of your business and take things seriously. This can develop confidence your prospect with your products & services.

2. It Gives Your Visitors Reason To Come Back

As they say in marketing, it is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. What is one of the best ways to do this online? Make sure you are providing relevant, up-to-date information that helps them accomplish their goals. Perhaps this is your monthly newsletter and blog or the latest special offers.

By keeping your site current and informative, you begin to develop a solid trust relationship with your customers and prospects. This trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. Help build their trust by providing the latest and most up-to-date information on your website.

3. It Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engines love fresh content. The more often you update your website, the more often the search engines will visit your site and boost your rankings. And the reverse is true as well. After a site has not been updated in a while, the search engines quit crawling it and your rankings may begin to drop for important keywords.

Not only does showing the search engines that your site has fresh content help to boost your rankings, it also gives you more opportunities to rank for specific keywords. You can start blogging to keep bringing in new content.

4. It Will Ensure Your Website is Updated with Security Patches and Bug Fixes.

If you are using a content management system or any web-based software, then it is very important to keep it updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes. Hackers will often break into a website and upload Trojan and malware for use in their other attack schemes.

One of the primary ways hackers gain access to a site is through outdated software. As security patches become available, hackers will try to take advantage of websites that are not pro-active in updating the software on their sites. The last thing you want is for your visitors to get infected by software downloaded from your site. If Google detects malware on your website, they will likewise delist your site until you get it fixed.

In conclusion, based on our experience, it shows that updating the content of your website will consistently improves its visibility in the search engine and will increase your return of investment.