Social media has completely changed the way we use the internet. Obviously, right? But there’s another important point almost everyone seems to have missed:

Because of social media, the role of websites has changed in a very big way!

Once upon a time, websites were places where people could browse, gather information, and maybe even discover new things. Those days are over. Meaning what?

Nobody browses websites anymore. Everybody did 10 years ago, but that was before social media feeds took over.

Now, people use social media feeds for browsing and information gathering, and they only click through to websites when they see something interesting.

This is a massive shift!

And it means the primary purpose of your website is to deliver on the specific promise that brought visitors there in the first place.

If your site fails to cater to this new reality, it’s going to die (and probably a lot sooner than you think).

Bottom line? The old rules don’t apply anymore.

Does your website deliver what visitors want…immediately? 🤔

If your site is slow, clunky, or full of a bunch of annoying ads and pop-ups, how do you think a typical visitor is going to respond?

You know exactly what they’ll do. They’re going to run—not walk—back to their social media feed for another dopamine rush.

And they’re never coming back to your site.

It doesn’t matter how awesome or useful you think your content is. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into building your site.

The only thing that matters is you were unable to deliver for a visitor whose attention is extremely fragile!

In the age of social media, the sole purpose of your website is to capitalize on the tiny—and fragile—bit of attention you wrestle away from social media through marketing efforts and promotion.

This means you need to keep it simple.

And more importantly, this means you need to make sure your site is fast.

But there’s a problem here…

Many websites were built with bloated page builder that will generate tons of unnecessary code even to display a simple page . This happens behind the scene which users may not be able see but it has negative impacts on search engine ranking and website owners will have to pay for premium web hosting service simply to host a simple website

It doesn’t have to be this way. And in the age of social media, it can’t be this way!

If you want sales, opt-ins, leads, or even just to have someone read what you wrote…

  • Your website must be blazing fast 🔥
  • Your design must be clean and uncluttered
  • Your environment must be simple and easy to manage